Wave Crusher takes you on this expedition with Walur Surf House.

Taking advantage of these elements, and through them developing dynamics that can stimulate our mind and our physical abilities, will be the challenge of this expedition to South Sumatra.

Embark on this mystical journey between leisure and personal development...



Taking advantage of these elements, and using them to develop dynamics that can stimulate our minds and physical abilities, will be the challenge of this expedition to South Sumatra.

Wave Crusher will take you on this expedition with Walur Surf House. The challenge is to help you enhance your self-knowledge and performance, safely, in the various aquatic environments that the island of Sumatra has to offer.

Embark on this mystical journey between leisure and your personal development...



We'll provide sun, sand and waves that will challenge you on your surfing expedition.

Walur Surf House is the first surf lodge in the beautiful village of Walur - located in southwest Sumatra, right in front of the best surf spot in the region.

Imagine yourself in a place where it's you and nature. Imagine that, for a moment, you are in total harmony with nature and the community that surrounds you. Free yourself from the everyday world and explore at your own pace what this place and its community have to offer.

Walur Surf House is a tropical lifestyle lodge offering traditional accommodation and meals, as well as surfing, fishing, jungle trekking and a wide range of cultural activities



South Sumatra is one of Indonesia's last unspoiled gems.

With a wide variety of wave types, from heavy slabs to endless point-breaks, it's probably the best beach break Indonesia has to offer. With a consistent swell from the Indian Ocean and offshore trade winds almost every day during the dry season, it's very difficult not to get perfect waves during a week-long trip.

The crowds are minimal or non-existent, as South Sumatra has been neglected by most, as the focus is on the Mentawai in North Sumatra. Access to the waves is easy with the coastal road that runs for miles along the coast from north to south.



There are more than 10 waves on 40 km of lush mountainous coastline and we have the privilege of being in the center of the action, which means we're only a 30-minute drive from the waves furthest from our home. We have over 20 years of experience in identifying potential surfable waves and knowledge of assessing the ideal conditions in this area, which will help you to be in the right place at the right time.

Here you'll find waves for all skill levels: there are point-brakes, beach-brakes, V-frames, shallow benches, whether you're a beginner, intermediate, soul-sufferer or pro-surfer, here you'll find your favorite wave.

"Nature and its elements are something that transcends us and nourishes us."

Joao Parisot

7 waves

  • Honey Smacks
  • Jimmys Left
  • Jimmys Right
  • Gennis
  • Snack Bowls
  • Monkeys
  • Coconuts




  • 15 / 08 A - 25 / 08
  • 26 / 08 A 10/ 09


South Sumatra has not been corrupted by tourists like many other coastal destinations in Indonesia. The locals are friendly and generous, always wanting to watch your performance in the water and help you get out. Beaches are pristine and litter is minimal, as education about waste disposal in the communities is ongoing.



Located in front of the house, geographically located north of Krui, HS is a favorite wave for lovers of slabs, airs and fast sections. Late take-offs are guaranteed, this left-hand wedge will take any surfer on some of the heaviest waves in the area. Often compared to the mini "Teahupo'o", this is a wave lover's paradise, offering quality tubular waves from a meter up to 3 meters.



Jimmy's Rights is located 15 minutes' walk north of the house. Much like the backdoor wave in Hawaii, the wave is very consistent, very fast and very perfect. When the wave's tube opens, it's as wide as it is tall. This right hander with thick lips offers absolutely perfect tubes before closing over a sharp reef on the inside. Â For those looking to challenge themselves, this is the perfect wave.

Jimmys Lefts isn't as heavy as the neighboring right - but it's still a typical wave in the archipelago. It's a wave for intermediate to advanced surfers. It can handle swells of some size, but probably best from 1m to 2m at half tide. This is the wave that when you take off you go straight into the tube and when you realize you've been in it too long, the advice is to get out before it closes over the shallow coral bank. Jimmy's left is sure to give you a good beating or the tube of your life.

This northern area in particular suffers from exposure to the trade winds. If you want to catch good waves here, just arrive very early.



About 8 minutes (car/bike) south of home, this fun wave offers long, surfable rights, many of them around 100 meters long. Jenny's offers a bit of everything - from decent tube sections to big walls to maneuver around. Unlike many of the waves in this area, the entrance to the peak (albeit steep) is relatively easy. Once outside, several sections are on offer - depending on the size of the swell and its direction. The final section will always close out - and can be quite shallow, but easily avoidable. On this bench there is always a keyhole that guarantees a paddle to the outside without getting your head wet.

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