High Performance Surfers and Professionals

Specialized Apnea Training for Big Wave Surfers and High-Competition Surfers

The mastery required for big wave surfing is in a league of its own. The stakes are exponentially higher and the room for error is virtually non-existent. Recognizing the unique demands of tackling the giants of the ocean, the Wave Crushers Training System offers specialized apnea training modules for high-performance and professional surfers. This module serves as a fundamental pillar in preparing athletes for the exceptional demands of big wave surfing.

The Importance of Apnea Training in Big Wave Surfing

In big wave surfing, the risk of being submerged for prolonged periods is a constant reality. Apnea training helps surfers build both the physical endurance and mental strength needed to stay calm and composed during these high-stakes situations. Mastering the art of holding your breath can be the difference between a wipeout and the wave of a lifetime.

Advanced Techniques


Advanced Breath Holding Techniques goes beyond basic static apnea to explore dynamic apnea techniques. Learn how to maximize your body's ability to store oxygen and mentally deal with the intense urge to breathe.

Underwater Stress Management


The program offers training scenarios that mimic the stress and disorientation experienced when caught in a big wave. Learn to maintain your references and manage stress through controlled apnea exercises, helping you to perform at your best even in the most extreme conditions.

CO2 and O2 Tolerance Training


Increase your body's tolerance to high levels of CO2 and low levels of O2. This helps extend breath-holding capabilities, crucial for surviving the prolonged submersions typical in big wave scenarios.

Security protocols


Learn from Extreme Situation Safety Protocols, advanced safety measures for dealing with long submersions and multiple wave submersions, including how to signal for help underwater and how to quickly equalize pressure during rapid depth changes.

Recovery and Endurance


Specific exercises are incorporated to increase lung capacity and improve recovery time between waves. Quick recovery is crucial for endurance and overall performance during long sessions on big waves.

Real World Application


Simulated real-world scenarios will test your skills, allowing you to apply what you've learned in a controlled but challenging environment. This ensures that you're not just practicing apnea, but training for the specific challenges posed by big wave surfing.

Testimonials from Professional Surfers


Antonio Silva

"Prepare to Fail E Fail To Prepare"


João De Macedo

"Training in the wavecrushers family is what proves useful in everyday life, but especially in extreme situations. Situations in which we have to control our anxiety and have the ability to switch off in order to hold our breath, whether underwater or above. Above all, what training brings us is self-knowledge, whether it's for surfing bigger waves or not. What I have to say is a big thank you toJóJó for developing this training."


Miguel Blanco

It's Not Just Physical Training. The Best Part Is The Psychological Component. Constantly Breaking Your Own Limits.

For high-performance surfers and professionals who are serious about high-performance surfing and big waves.

This training helps you to improve your physical abilities, but above all your psychological ones, so that you can face all the challenges that come your way, whether in the water or in life.

Joao Pedro Parisot